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 A healthy, balanced diet can be based on local eating patterns, using locally available foods and respecting local eating customs. The foods in people’s diets around the world are very different from each other, but all good diets must be composed of a variety of different foods that provide all of the food energy and other nutrients in the amounts needed. For most people, a good meal will be based on a starchy carbohydrate food, sometimes referred to as “staple” foods, as they form the basis or main portion of the meal, and a variety of other foods (side dishes) that provide the additional protein, vitamins and minerals needed for a good, healthy diet.

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Staple foods are usually starchy carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, breads, couscous, and other foods made from wheat, rice, millet, rye, barley and oats, cassava, maize (corn) or potatoes. These foods contain energy-rich carbohydrates, and in their unrefined form, also contain B vitamins, fibre, smaller amounts of other vitamins, minerals and even a small amount of protein. The kind of starchy foods eaten should be varied as much as possible According to the understanding of health as nutrition, the healthiness of a food product  is determined by its nutritional value. This approach is sometimes termed the ‘functional  discourse’ or ‘nutritionism’, and it is rooted in a biomedical understanding of health and in the scientific discipline of human nutrition. Healthy food works in an intricate, complex way with not only our bodies, but also with our  culture, ceremony, traditions, family, and societal structures. It is a daily partner in everyday  life, taking care of us as we take care of it. The key to eating well is to enjoy a variety of nutritious foods from each of the Five Food Groups.  Foods in the Five Food Groups are grouped by their type and their contribution of nutrients to  Australian diets. Within each group, healthy choices are those that are lowest in saturated fats,  added sugars and added salt.
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Choosing a variety of nutritious foods, both from the five different groups and within each group,  over the week and seasonally increases the likelihood of obtaining sufficient intake of all nutrients.  Eating a variety of nutritious foods can protect our bodies from chronic disease and may also  increase quality of life and longevity.
Food is at the heart of many key environmental issues. Growing, producing and importing food
contributes substantially to climate change. It’s a driving force behind habitat and biodiversity loss. And
it’s a huge drain on water resources. WWF’s vision of a sustainable food system is one that supports
vital elements of our work: conserving biodiversity, reducing water use and reducing greenhouse gas
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This final diet needs to be seen by an approved nutritional or health body to ensure it is possible and
ideally have appropriate publishable support. The final plates need to be peer reviewed.

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