What does the term microbiome mean?

What does the term microbiome mean?

“Microbiome” is such a hot term lately . And one key question many ask is “what does it mean?” A related question is – “where did the term come from?” i attempted to tackle this a few years ago on my blog with a post: The human microbiome – term getting used in some ways – but a minimum of it's getting some press. Basically my main point was that it seemed that the term “microbiome” then should be wont to ask the gathering of genomes of microbes during a system which “microbiota” should be wont to ask the gathering of organisms. Some key quotes from that post:
Well, the human microbiome is everywhere the news recently because of a replacement paper on the range and biogeography of microbes in human saliva.
My only complaint is that I and Stoneking and lots of others have unfortunately made a multitude of the terminology. The “microbiome” was originally wont to ask the gathering of the genomes of the microbes during a particular ecosystem. and therefore the terms “microbiota” was wont to ask the particular organisms. Since Stoneking et al didn't survey the genomes, they surveyed rRNA (which really at the best tells you about what sorts of organisms are present) then they ought to have used microbiota riight? (And if that they had i might not are checking out the genomics component of their work).
Not so fast, even the one that coined the term microbiome (Josh Lederberg) who originally appeared to use it to ask all the genomes of the microbes also used the term ambiguously (e.g., in one paper he sad “the microbiome flora” meaning i assume the microbiota.
I note, everyone seems to cite A paper by Lederberg called “Infectious History” in Science (Science 14 April 2000:) because the place he used microbiome but I cannot find the term there. I did however find the term during a paper in 2001 by Lora Hooper and Jeff Gordon (Commensal Host-Bacterial Relationships within the Gut Science 11 May 2001: Vol. 292. no. 5519, pp. 1115 – 1118).
The Nobelist Joshua Lederberg has suggested using the term “microbiome” to explain the collective genome of our indigenous microbes (microflora), the thought being that a comprehensive genetic view of Homo sapiens as a life-form should include the genes in our microbiome (4). And reference 4 is “Personal communication”
Anyway, others have taken the term microbiome and run with it because it does raise to several “microbial biome” which might be wont to ask all the microbes during a system. I prefer the first definitions with microbiota being the organisms and microbiome being the collective genomes of all the organisms.
I have been as guilty as others in mixing up the terms but within the future I decide to push for “microbiome” to be an omics word and not a biome word and for microbiota to be the biome word. That way if you skim a paper or title you would possibly be ready to better guess what it's about.

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