can high blood pressure affect mental health

can high blood pressure affect mental health

Dec. 15, 1999 (Atlanta) -- French researchers say there could also be another good reason to stay "the silent killer" in restraint . After studying quite 1,300 elderly people in western France, they conclude high vital sign features a long-term negative effect on mental function. the great news, they say, is that maintaining control of vital sign with medications appears to considerably lower the danger of mental decline. The four-year study compared scores on a mental evaluation test during a group of elderly people with varying degrees of cardiovascular health.They included "normotensive" individuals (no high blood pressure), those with hypertension controlled with medications, and a gaggle with untreated high vital sign . The researchers found the chances of mental decline correlated directly with vital sign status, such those with untreated high vital sign were fourfold more likely to suffer the matter than those with normal vital sign . Taking vital sign medications appeared to cut the danger altogether situations, but the researchers found patients benefited most when the drugs were ready to keep blood pressures at a traditional level. That's a crucial point to recollect , says Charles DeCarli, MD, director of the Alzheimer's disease Center at the University of Kansas in Kansas City, Mo.
"If you've got untreated high vital sign you're much worse off.
But with treatment, it's to be effective." Otherwise, DeCarli says, a false sense of security takes hold -- which can cause a stroke. His recommendation: have vital sign checked regularly, albeit you're "controlled" on medication. DeCarli says the study extends what doctors already realize the mental effects of high vital sign .

"There are three other studies ... all showing quite an equivalent thing over a way longer duration," he says "What's unique here is that the decline occurred in four years."

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